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May 2019 → Present

I am a software engineer at Memrise, the world's most entertaining language learning app. At Memrise, I'm currently driving forward our transition from a monolithic Django app to a more modern REST API/Next.js stack. I deliver high-quality features to a user base of hundreds of thousands and love seeing the impact I can make for our language-learning users.


June 2018 → April 2019

My first engineering role was at PeopleGoal. I was responsible for building and designing features for a data-focused, enterprise React/React application and lead the construction of a new and performant content site, built on Next.js.

Side Projects


TypePerf is the best touch typing tool for developers.

As of December 2020, it is in closed beta but I'm taking sign ups if you're interested in improving your typing as fast as possible.

Blog and Newsletter

On this site and in my newsletter, I blog about technology and engineering.

I also enjoy experimenting with new front-end ideas in its codebase.

Copy That

Copy That was a newsletter and website dedicated to sharing the best of interesting web design. It is now archived but you can find the old code (React, Node, GrapghQL,TypeScript, Next.js) here and here.


Philosophy, University of Bristol

2015 → 2018

I studied philosophy from 2015 to 2018 at Bristol. I specialised in the analytical end of the philosophy spectrum with a focus on topics such as the philosophy of science, decision-theory, probability, philosophy of maths and logic. I continue my interest to the present and still love a good philosophy book.